Асоціація "Туризм Одеси"


The mission of the Odessa Tourism Association is marketing strategy planning and promotion of Odessa in the national and international tourism markets. The Association combines and consolidates knowledge, experience, and capacity of private, municipal, state, public and international organizations for the success of Odessa as a tourism and recreational center.
We all love Odessa, and we want it to be known and loved worldwide. We all want tourists to visit our city more often… We already have something for that: a beautiful sea, an extensive history, architecture, and unique culture. However, it is not enough for the successful development of tourism. The twenty-first century dictates its terms, and we all should not ignore them. If all tourism industry representatives don’t combine the efforts and change the current situation in the city, Odessa may disappear from the tourism map of the world and Ukraine as well.
Odessa Tourism Association was established to consolidate all organizations and companies of Odessa whose business are directly or indirectly related to the hospitality and tourism industry. Hotels, restaurants, tour operators, travel agencies, transport companies, taxi services, museums, galleries, theaters, event-groups, concert halls, entertainment centers, and more are welcome to join the Association and cope with the challenges of the tourism sector in Odessa and Odessa region together.

Our goal:

Coordination of sectoral activities of association members (without the right to intervene in their production and commercial activities) for:

–  the protection of economic interests of association members; – the further development of the tourism services market; – advertising and promotion of Ukrainian tourism products; –  standards development for sectoral activities and  control over their observance; –  the assistance of professional, technical, legal, and social activities of the association members in the field of tourism and related services; –   supporting efforts to resolve the issues in the activities of association members of common interest to the Association


–  voluntary membership and withdrawal from the Association; – legality of the Association; – equality before the law; – openness and transparency of the Association; –  compromise solutions of the issues in the interests of all members of the Association; –  trust and mutual assistance among the association members; -the voluntary participation in the projects and programs of the Association; – absence  of property interest of association members; – the Association members are not seeking profit and dividends from participation in the Association activities; – the Association members cannot take action, which leads to the limitation of the competitive environment, both between the Association members and other participants of the field of tourism and related services


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